Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.  My car costs me so much anyway, would coming to a Gals Garage experience be a good investment?
Absolutely! An experience at a Gals Garage costs less than a tank of fuel and is definitely an investment in your safety and your finances. Between the mechanical side of things and the financial & insurance aspects, you are bound to learn invaluable tips which will saving you money and time! 

Q.  I don’t think I need to know all this mechanical stuff. I have Roadside assist and my dad/brother/boyfriend/husband/ex takes care of my car; why would I want to break a nail learning how to change a flat tyre?
From a mechanical point of view, the Gals Garage experience simply offers a choice to the woman who doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone for every squeak she hears emanating from her car; and from a financial angle, it allows women to wholly take charge of their financial decisions when it comes to buying/selling their wheel. That said, even if your leading man is kind enough to ensure your car is mechanically sound, you still need to be informed and knowledgeable about how it performs and all associated costs of ownership. Remember, your gallant chap might not always be available to be of assistance (read out with the boys, watching a live game) which is why your knowing the basics would be of benefit to you.  We also offer sound financial and insurance know how which every modern women needs for her own sense of financial independence, even if she might have the power to dip her manicured paws into his deep pockets!

Q.  How long is each Gals Garage experience?
We know just how busy you are and that’s why our offer just 4 hours of motoring knowledge and information ranging from basic mechanical, to vehicle finance & insurance and money saving tips. All it takes is you booking either a morning (8am – 12pm) or an afternoon (1pm – 4pm) session and after just 4 hours you’ll be driving away feeling better informed and more confident about your how your car runs.  

Q.  I have a good mechanic do I still need the Gals Garage experience?
There are a great number of fantastic mechanics out there and if you have bagged yourself one such honest fellow then please buy him a cold one every now and then (preferably when they aren’t working on your car) and tell all your friends! But yes, we believe an experience at our Gals Garage will benefit you because they are designed purely to teach:

1) How to maintain their vehicles in-between services.
2) All we need to know about car finances and insurance.
3) The process of buying and selling their cars so as not to get ripped off.

Q.  I’m not mechanically minded, will I find the Gals Garage experience difficult?
Not at all. We speak plain English because we sincerely would like you to:

1) Become more confide about how your car works.
2) Understand what all the nuts and bolts within your engine are and how they work.
3) Feel less anxious about whether or not it will start.
4) Be able to do basic car stuff.
5) Save money.

Q.  I’m a guy – can I still come along?
Sorry guys, but our Gals Garage experiences are only for the ladies. That said we are happy to run separate sessions for you. Simply book a corporate session for you and your mates!


Thank you for visiting Gals Garage. Please share your experience.